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Eric Easton

Interview with Eric Easton

The interview was conducted as part of the University of Baltimore Stories: 100th Anniversary Oral History Project, directed by the Special Collections and Archives department at the University of Baltimore's RLB Library. It was conducted via Zoom application by Angela Koukoui on March 29th 2022. The interviewee is Eric Easton, Professor Emeritus at The University of Baltimore, 1993-2018. He taught many law courses at The University of Baltimore, as well as other Universities worldwide. Easton has also been highly involved in a multitude of academic committees and organizations and has published a number of academic articles, books, and made numerous publication contributions throughout his career.

In this interview, Doctor Easton discusses his education, and how he cultivated his career at the University of Baltimore. Easton also speaks to changes that the law school went through, particularly with relocation, as well as the changes that the industry of journalism had gone through. Other highlights include Easton’s scholarly work both in China as well as with Chinese exchange students here at UBalt, collaborating with gifted past students and colleagues, and reflections upon the overall impact that UBalt has had on his career.

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