Thomas Hollowak, Interview Day Photo, 2021

Interview with Thomas Hollowak

The interview was conducted as part of the University of Baltimore Stories: 100th Anniversary Oral History Project, directed by the Special Collections and Archives department at the University of Baltimore Library. The interview was conducted via Zoom application by Aiden Faust on June 1st, 2021. The interviewee is Thomas Hollowak, University of Baltimore's Associate Director for Special Collection, Emeritus. He worked for Langsdale Library from 1990 until 2013, initially as a reference librarian, then as associate director of Special Collections and Archives. 

In the interview, Mr. Hollowak talks about some of his family history, his education at UMBC and College Park in History, his experience at Peabody Library and the City Archives, his mentor, and his career at the University of Baltimore.