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The University of Baltimore Yearbooks are from 1928 to 1975, with the exception of 1936.

The University of Baltimore was founded in 1925 to provide an opportunity for working adults to receive degrees in law and business, graduating its first class in 1928. This graduating class began the tradition of publishing an annual yearbook, known as The Reporter. This title was suggested to the editorial staff by Dr. Edgar T. Fell, professor of admiralty law. 


The University of Baltimore Photographs Collection includes images from the University Archives that depict the former athletics program, the campus, significant events, and student life. The photographs are drawn from archival collections that were generated by diverse units of the University and cover the period from 1925 to the present.

Academic Catalogs

Access the University of Baltimore's academic course catalogs from 1925 to 2010. Catalogs from law, business, liberal arts, undergraduate, and graduate studies are all represented in the collection. These publications document the evolving curriculum and administrative structure of the University. 

Student Newspapers

The University of Baltimore Student Newspaper Collection contains issues dating from 1927 to 2018. The University of Baltimore Student Newspaper has experienced several name changes over the years including Maroon Bee, The Baloo, Student press, UBique, The Hub, and The UB post. 

Student Journals

Student Journals are a collection of the University of Baltimore’s premier publications which are run by University of Baltimore's students. 

Oral History Project, 1971-1983

The University of Baltimore Oral History Project was started in 1971 by the Special Collections Department of the University of Baltimore Library. Adele Newburger, a Langsdale library staff, directed the project. Its purpose was to preserve, through tape recorded interviews, information that was available only in the minds of the people who participated in events surrounding the development of the University of Baltimore.

Alumni Publications

Alumni Publications are the magazines that have been published by the University of Baltimore. It contains issues dating from 1960 to 2019. The University of Baltimore Alumni Publication has experienced several title changes over the years including Alumni Newsletter, Alumni News Magazine, Alumni Magazine, Magazine For Alumni and Friends.


University of Baltimore's commencement exhibit contains selected materials and links to the University of Baltimore's complete commencement programs and audio-visual recordings of commencement ceremonies. 
University Commencement Programs are available from 1928 to the present. The programs include a complete list of graduates from each program, the faculty, as well as the speakers who delivered speeches during the ceremony. Commencement ceremonies were mostly held annually until 1984. Since then, they are held bi-annually. Videos of graduation ceremonies at the University of Baltimore can be viewed from the 1980s up until the present day. 

The University of Baltimore Stories: 100th Anniversary Oral History Project, 2021-

The University of Baltimore 100th Anniversary Oral History Project was initiated in Spring 2021 and will continue until 2025 as part of the University of Baltimore centennial celebration plans. The University of Baltimore's 100th anniversary will be celebrated in 2025, and Special Collections and Archives aims to conduct extensive oral history interviews with faculty, staff, trustees, and alumni. The interviews will become gradually available in this exhibit as the project progresses.